Illuminate your Soul. Have an appointment with Michelle.

She looks through the windows of your Soul, into the depth of your
Being and takes you beyond your story…

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 You are in the Ascension and Enlightenment process that is moving you through the 2012 doorway into self-realization and into the birthright and truth of your Being.



































Michelle Phillips

Spiritual Psychic, Intuitive, Channel, Healer,

Speaker, Inter-Galactic Shamen,

Author and Workshop Facilitator

Internationally Renowned  •  30 Years Experience

This is the lifetime you have agreed to embody the essence of your entire being…

Become one with your Inner Master and Co-creator of your Soul’s Awakening!

  • Workshops
  • Soul Readings-Higher Self Integration
  • Timeline Healing / Sundial Healing / Past Life Regression – Soul Retrieval
  • Inner Child Therapy / Childhood Trauma
  • Relationships – Emotional Healings
  • Health Issues -Weight Loss -Addictions
  • Twin Flame Healing of Imbalance/ Pineal Gland Activation – Re-connection to Creator
  • Cellular Toning / Sound & Color Healing
  • Healing Shadow / Dark Night Experiences /Sub-Personality – Entity Release

Pilgrimages to France, Sedona & Hawaii

Michelle is the developer and facilitator of the Christ Ray healing technique that she has taught worldwide.

Included in all of Michelle’s private healing sessions and workshops is the re-connection to your higher self, Mother-Father-Creator, and your inner children.

Experience love, joy, abundance, happiness and freedom.

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